Aluminium billets are casted in cylindrical shapes with round cross-section have different kind of alloys and are used in the aluminium extrusion industry to produce various type of extruded profiles and shapes before undergoing further downstream assembly processes to become final end-products such as door and window frames, partitions, ladders, heatsinks, tubes and plates, etc.

Aluminium billets can be produced from recycled aluminium and also pure ingots. It is extremely important to use aluminium billets with superior quality to ensure the final end-products are also of high quality.
We are specialized in the production and supply of homogenized aluminium billets with a wide range of alloys and cross-section diameters. With over 20 years of experiences, we will ensure our aluminium billets alloy specifications are met to the international standards. In additional to this, we also able to produce customized aluminium billets that meeting customers’ specifications and requirements.

Our aluminium billets:
Alloy Specifications

  • 1000 Series (AA1100, A1050, AA1060 and AA1070)
  • 6000 Series (AA6060, AA6063, AA6061 and AA6082)
  • (Others alloys are also available upon request)

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3" 76mm
4.5" 114mm
7" 178mm
10" 254mm
3.5" 89mm
5" 127mm
8" 203mm
11" 278mm
4" 101mm
6" 152mm
9" 228mm

Maximum length: any to 6 meters log (both ends cut)

Billet Length

  • Standard 5.8 meters
  • Any cut size upon request

As one of the trusted aluminium billets suppliers, you may contact us today for assistance. We can consult with you to cater your exact needs. In line with our vision and mission, serving customers is our pride.

Minimum length:any length upon request

Specifications conform to all international specifications or customised requests.