About Us

Formosa Shyen Horng Metal Sdn. Bhd.

Formosa Shyen Horng Metal Sdn Bhd (“Formosa”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of A-Rank Berhad. Formosa is principally involved in the manufacturing and marketing of aluminium billets. Formosa is the largest aluminium remelt plant and supplier of secondary aluminium billets in Malaysia and one of Asia’s leading suppliers of secondary aluminium extrusion billets.

Formosa commenced operations in 1998 with an initial annual installed capacity of 12,000 metric tonnes and has registered consistent and impressive growth since then. Currently, Formosa has an installed capacity of 132,000 metric tonnes per annum. Formosa’s integrated facilities include Wagstaff “Airslip” billet casting mould system, melting furnaces with regenerating burners and magnetic stirrer, tilting holding furnace and fully automated vertical direct chilled hydraulic-controlled casting systems from Australia, filters, in-line degassing machines, homogenising furnaces and cooling booths, and automated billet-sawing machines. Sizes of billets manufactured range from 3 inches up to 11 inches in diameters with any cut length of up to 6 metres. To ensure the consistency of product quality, Formosa has numerous testing equipment including ultrasonic fault detectors, light emission spectrometers, Alscan hydrogen analyser and optical microscope with Olympus software solution that enable sophisticated evaluation of quality achieved in the casting and homogenising processes. In line with its emphasis on quality, Formosa has achieved the ISO 9001:2015 certification.